Child, Why at Sanctuary

The richness of Luke 2, and the extensive narrative of the truth and fullness of Christmas, now reaches its conclusion. We read of Jesus at the age of twelve, completely on His own, sitting with the leading religious figures and teaching them. Mary and Joseph were frantic and failing to fully understand what they finally observed. The religious people (the “teachers”) were learning from Him. Everybody was amazed. This gives us a beautiful and strong connection between the manger and the cross. He is the Word made flesh. He does teach with authority unlike any other. His truth is unchanging and full of the eternal things of God. Born for us. Teaching us. Dying for us. Rising again for us. So, here we gather with hearts that ponder His goodness which never ends, His grace which always sustains and renews us, His power which holds us as His forever. This is a good place to be, learning from Him and resting in His perfect love for us all. See you soon.