Bruised Reeds, Rejoice at Sanctuary

We are living in a world where it is popular, expected and common, though harmful and ugly, for individuals and groups to raise their voices, in order to get what they want. Shouting matters. Threats work. Put-downs help with control. Mockery and self-righteousness become the answer for others. It is the way of a disordered and fallen world. With these ways we are familiar; with these ways we have been hurt; with these ways we have also gotten what we desire. These are not the Savior’s ways. Praise God! Thank Him! Serve Him! These are not His ways. In Isaiah 42 (verses 1-9), we read of His tenderness, His kindness, His compassion, all combined with authority that is His and His alone. When you read these words carefully, you’ll discover that you are mentioned. Yes! He will not crush the bruised reed. I’m a bruised reed, as are you. He’ll care for us, enfold us, protect us, love us. This is about how He loves us. Yes!  He will not put out a smoldering wick. I’m a smoldering wick, as are you. He’ll fan us back into flame, He’ll guard us from strong winds and adverse carelessness from others; He will not allow the presence of faith to be snuffed out. Yes! In a world where people have always positioned themselves for power and control, we are reminded that their efforts are futile and feeble. He is Lord; He will be known; He will be glorified; He will remain the One in ultimate authority. These precious verses are definitely “YES” verses, and they are ours to hear and to treasure. Especially “now”, in such a contentious and hate-filled time, a judgmental and prideful time?  Perhaps one could say that. But, better than that, how about “always”? YES, always. I join you in thanking the Lord Jesus for His ways of compassion, truth, authority, grace! See you soon.