Jesus, Simeon and Anna - God's Perfect Timing at Sanctuary

This young couple, together on a journey that neither could have anticipated, nor anybody else has ever taken, did not fail to honor the ways of God. Mary and Joseph were now living in a world that, for them, surely seemed to be “upside-down” - many miles from the little village that both called home; raising a Baby Boy which neither had ever done before; and, mindful of the unique promises of God to them both. They came, with the Christ Child, to the temple in Jerusalem. They came in order to fulfill the requirements of the Law, that He be presented to the Lord. It would require a sacrifice on their part, surely dipping into their newlywed budget. They might very well have felt alone in this large and active city, and following a portion of the Law of God, which previously had not been theirs to follow. Adding to the uniqueness of the moment, two faith-filled and amazing individuals approached them. They were Simeon and Anna. Their words were strong, true and open. Their words praised God. Their words identified what Mary and Joseph already knew, but the goodness of Simeon and Anna was to affirm the promises of God over this Child. We’ll read of this special day, from the account of Luke 2. It will be good to consider the ways in which God Himself affirms to us His ways, His promises. Christmas is a wondrous season, with much to be said. Can it be true? Are we imagining it? Yes, it is true, and it is His Word to us. He raises up around us witnesses of His love, His work, His salvation, His presence. The birth of our Savior is always in front of us as valid, grace-filled and life-uplifting. Thanks be to God for Simeon, for Anna and many others. See you soon.